Educators and Bullying: the first line of defense

It Takes Courage provides in-depth presentations for students on bullying, depression, and suicide prevention.


Presentations are designed to empower students at all age levels.  A strong focus is placed on positivity at the elementary level where students are encouraged to be brave and courageous in an effort to build positive role-models with a strong sense of self-esteem.  Middle and high school students are given a more direct view into the harshness that can accompany bullying and result in depression and even suicide when signs go unnoticed and communication fails to prevent something SO preventable.


Topics covered include: The impacts of bullying, recognizing the signs of depression, suicide recognition and prevention, ongoing bullying vs. one-time conflict, empathetic behavior, consequences of being a bystander, and the importance of speaking out and standing up to eradicate bullying once and for all!


Presentors include:  Heather Savalox, It Takes Courage Founder/Outreach Coordinator

                               Gina Toothaker, Mental Health Director, Mind Springs Health

                               Elizabeth Klemer, Colorado Mountain College

                               Abby DeShazer, Steamboat Springs High School

                               Mike and Kathy Diemer, Johnny B. Good's Diner


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