It Takes Courage Educational Programs

It Takes Courage offers programs to raise awareness of the impacts of bullying and suicide prevention in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout  Routt County, Colorado.

Elementary Schools

Currently, this program is geared toward 5th graders as they are prepped to enter Middle School. 


At this age, focus is placed upon basics that coincide with the school district's bully prevention curriculum.  Ideas such as 'being an upstander vs. a bystander' are communicated along with a strong message about the importance of believing not only in one's self but in each other when it comes to conflict resolution.


We discuss the importance of being brave and courageous and interact with the students in their classrooms to create 'Links of Courage', where each child is asked to write down an example of what makes them brave and the links are connected to leave a lasting visual impression in the classroom.


Click here to see us in action!



Middle School Programs

This program was designed for 8th graders as they are transitioning to High School. 


Students are shown the Kristina Calco video and educated about the impacts of bullying and suicide, followed by emotional presentations from our teenage volunteers detailing their own personal hardships from bullying to depression and suicide to convey there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that suicide IS preventable.  This message is also conveyed through Kayla Guettich's video, which stresses two key factors; tell someone and life gets better. 


Our mental health professionals stress the importance of communicating to adults, relate the signs of depression, and provide tools to empower youth to stand up for themselves and one another when and if they encounter or witness bullying or depression. 



Youth & Service Groups

It Takes Courage prides itself on being malleable and can adapt presentations to any group, focusing on a myriad of issues from bullying to depression and suicide depending upon the intent desired.   Here's an example of a talk we gave at last year's Yampa Valley Wellness Conference in Steamboat Springs, CO.


Since our inception, we have presented to over 2500 people locally, and have traveled to Florida to reach an audience of over 2,000 at their Erase Hate Awareness Festival in November, 2012. 


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